Tips on Designing a Unique Exhibition Stand

Making sales is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any business; in all honesty, it is the point of doing any business at all. Standpoint sales could prove to be one of the hardest sales to make because you are interacting with people at one of their most impatient times so the key is to have them at hello. As a salesperson, what you want to do is to design a unique exhibition stand, one that leaves a memorable impact on the visitors and can stand out among competitors.

When designing your stand, think out of the box literally

The thing is everyone has been seeing the square and rectangular exhibition stands since their parents were kids, and it has gotten a little blasé. In order to make that impact that you are searching for, you have to break out of the good old ‘square tents with a center table’ for a confidence boost, you should know that circular spaces have been found to be more engaging and appealing. What this means is that if you want to pick out a tent, maybe a circular tent will not be a bad option but if you can’t get the curves then you may have to work at making the corners in the tent more interesting probably with an interesting furniture or opting for other geometrical shaped spaces (maybe a hexagon).

Colour and texture contrast

It is easy to get carried away with trying to create a colourful or captivating space that you forget that it really is about the product or service being sold. With this tip, it is important to have it at the back of your mind that the design of the space or the tent should not overpower the products else it might get lost in all that space unless of course what you are selling is something like interior design service or graffiti. Depends on what you are selling, it might be a better idea to work with a monochromic wall colours and play with its textures instead, or use softer tones of colours; this is probably why most art galleries have white interiors. This tip is all about using softer contrasting background tonnes that will not overpower the products being displayed.

Let there be music

The ability for music to appeal to the crowd is a better experience compared to you shouting products details at passers-by, because music can help you keep your visitors at ease and in return causing them to linger in your space and discover what products you have to offer. When choosing the right music, it’s better to go with the type of music that is more mainstream or one that appeals to your target market, for example if your target is young adults you may be looking to playing songs trending on the charts. Remember to regulate the volume so that it is audible but not disturbing and so that you can comfortably have a conversation with your visitors.

Incorporate screens for visual display

Whether you like it or not, this is an era of screens, it is almost as if everyone everywhere gets a thrill off staring at screens so why not use it to your advantage. It is a good idea to have a good display in your exhibition space in order to catch people’s attention, normally people may use imagery printed on boards to advertise their products or services but with a tech-savvy generation, a screen may even have a better effect on the crowd. You could create a slideshow of captivating images of your products or have a video showing its use, or a short tutorial etc. even better if it is an interactive screen.


When planning for a sale at an event or a fair, remember that it is a bad idea to be idle so prepare for a little bit of demonstration. It keeps you looking busy and people love to watch while you do a little work, it boosts their confidence in your brand to see how expertly you handle production. First, organize your space in such a way that there is enough room for you to work and at the same time keep the workspace looking tidy by using tables that run all the way to floors so that some things can be kept in them. You don’t have to do everything in front of the visitors, just pick a part of your service/production to display, keep it neat, smart and interesting.


Time to pick lighting for the exhibition space; do not pick just any kind of light but rather the right kind of light. Opt for interesting lighting designs from lamp holders, light colours etc. ones that can help your space look beautiful and at the same time accentuate your products. If you are working with a budget, you might consider some DIY and money saving lighting techniques to create appeal without necessarily breaking the bank. Find out what tones/temperatures of light is best for advertising your products so that you do not use cold temperature lights when you should have used warm light also think about the colour of the interior space so that everything complements each other.


Make it possible to get the most out of interacting with visitors by creating some fun avenues to do so. There are good suggestions on how to achieve this like with the interactive screen mentioned above, a demonstration where they get to ask questions, handing free samples and getting them to review them, a photo booth with props that talk about your product, creating a live social media interaction process and so on. Brainstorm with your team on choosing an interactive means that highlights your products and gives you customer feedback and prepare a space for it.


You do not have to be selling perfumes or cosmetics to have your exhibition space scenting nicely, the idea is to please their senses and have them linger longer than five seconds, chances are they may just find something interesting that could lead to a sale. This can easily be gotten from flowers, using air fresheners, perfume sticks etc.

At the end of the day, you want people to find your stand interesting enough to by something or at least leave there thinking and talking about it, so you want to drag the right attention and then impress them. With these tips on how to design an interesting exhibition space, you stand a chance of leaving a lasting impression with your customers and have some call to patronize you at a later time, just make sure you keep the focus on the products you are trying to sell.





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