We are XPROS and we represent professionalism, excellent services and remarkable prices. When we say we are the best, we are not just mincing words, but we are telling you what the customers think about us.

Exhibition Professionals started from Houston, Texas since 2010, and there has not been a limit to the stairs of success that we are climbing since then.

As a company who is focused on meeting your needs and surpassing your expectations, we take the time to fully understand all that your business is about and the goals that you have set out to reach so that we can help you develop a killer strategy that will stand your campaign out.

Our chief goal is to align all our services into your goals so that your show is not just a success, but that your customers are fulfilled with the whole exhibition process and everything in between.

We are relevant to your overall exhibition process because our system puts the right machineries in place to attract the desired audience, present you with the perfect tools and help you generate results that will keep you as continuous market leader. We do all the work, you just need to show up.


We do not just believe in the ordinary, we develop several markets leading approaches that will benefit our customers in several ways. Our target gives the customer 100% satisfaction in all the services that we provide for them. We are a believer of excellence, and we inculcate it into all the services that we provide at all times. We are creating designs that are unique for each client while staying on as reliable companions throughout the journey. When we enter into any project, we stop at nothing in giving the best, making seems like it’s our first with the level of commitment we pull into each. We care about you and what satisfies you, just as much as we care about excellent products and elegant services.


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Chief Operating Officer

 Savas Sarikaya


Project Manager & Design

Nihat Balli



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