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For All Your Exhibitions, Kiosks Designs Or Event Needs

We make instant impressions right from your first contact with us. All the mechanisms that we’ve employed in our daily operations have set us apart from other builders and designers. We present an option that’s too tempting to be rejected, offering every facet of your stand building process conceptualization stage, right to the finish of construction and building. Offering value to you means a lot for us, and that’s why we do it perfectly.

Finding Creative Solutions are Our Areas Of Specialty

Our entire design process is centered on giving an amazing level of market leadership. It’s about creating a space and experience that will endear your brand to the heart of even the most design-conscious customers. Good designs are functional in creating marketing leadership for your brand, especially as it grabs the needed attention of buyers to your brand.

We Build And Keep The Best Customer Relationships

We understand what the business means for you and your brand and we want to work with you to give your customers the best feel of your brand, creating a relationship in the process and helping you to keep it. We desire to help you write a success story. We want to be a partner of your unique brand, taking them right to the place where customers will be attracted to them. We will stand by you throughout the whole process of customer communication, inspiring you unto greatness, until you’ve sealed the most favorable contract that reflects your brand goals.



Our sales team compromises of professionals and thought leaders, armed with solid knowledge of all the facets of a successful exhibition and trade show, and with an understanding of all your marketing needs. The process starts with our very experienced industrial designers who will help you bring your project into a more tentative and visualized structure. Our production team will then take over, answering all your concerns and keeping close communication process with you, throughout the process. With the presence of our graphic designers, logistics specialists, and project managers on site, you are guaranteed of an exhibition show that’s nothing below seamless.

We Offer Professional Advice On Brand Marketing

Your goals are always built around building your brand and gaining market leadership. We understand that your exhibition or kiosk is only a means towards achieving the bigger goals and targets. We can also help you achieve the bigger goals so that you have a platform to build your bigger goals on after the exhibition.

We Know The Business

When it comes to knowledge and experience, we are your sure fall-back-to-firm. We have been in top service for a long time, providing unquestioned services for some of the biggest brands that cut across the state. We want to use our level of knowledge and experience to help push your brand to the level where your brand is no longer doubted by customers.

Original And Functional Designs

Design is an important part of the marketing mix and should be taken seriously by any entrepreneur who wants a brand that is marketable. We can make your brand stand out in design and we have devised means to connect your customers to the right environment. We leverage our experience in the industry to design and create a conducive environment to enable business relationships.

Experienced Team

This is a standout quality of XPROS. Our goals of serving you better are communicated to the whole team, including project managers and those who work to build the stand.



This is the meeting where all the foundations are laid. Here, we want to know you and understand all your goals. When we listen to you, we keep you assured that you will be involved in the overall process so that your needs are not misconstrued at some point.


At this stage, we try to explore all the details you’ve provided for us, carefully examining each so that we can guide you through the most relevant action plan that’s geared towards achieving all your on. At this stage, we put in all the efforts that will eventually create an engaging brand experience.


We pay much credence to creativity, and thus reflects in all the concepts that we produce for our clients. Our works are not just beautiful, they are unique and objective driven. We work on each project, tailoring all our efforts to satisfy the needs of each client.


When it is about performance delivery, we do it with every inch of perfection. We dispatch the most professional team to coordinate all your construction and installations, digital signage, interactive, stand management and staff training. We are there from start to finish, making sure that no stage of the exhibition is too difficult for you to handle.

Our Prices Are Competition’s Best

Price is a major factor when most brands select exhibition stand makers and often results in the reason why many brands go for low-end stand makers. At XPROS, we are proud to offer just the best services in exhibition building and maintenance to you at prices that you will afford. We continually inculcate the latest stand building technologies into our operations, so that we’ll achieve the highest level of efficiency.

We Offer The Greatest Flexibility

In our mode of operation, we allow the customer to control the whole process. We believe that customers should be allowed a level of flexibility in selecting just the right services for their needs and choosing not to pay for services that do not resonate with their demands.

There are a lot of moving parts that contribute to a successful exhibition. It’s never just about a creative design. Big picture thinking is essential if you’re serious about your exhibitions + you want a strategy that covers all bases. Exhibitions can be costly if they aren’t done properly, so we want every client to have an action plan to guarantee results.


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