5 Mistakes To Avoid As A Trade Show-Professional

In the business world,  there are several means to increase your clientele base and profits.  From promoting services on social media platforms and websites to advertising on billboards and pamphlets, your business will be able to reach thousands of people over a small period of time. This will not only increase traffic to your site but also help your organization to increase over the years. Another great way to help improve the statistics of your business is to be involved in a trade show.

A trade show which is also referred to as a trade fair is a great avenue for several companies in a specific niche of expertise to showcase their various services offered by several departments. This is also a great way to meet new partners and clients, study strategies of other competitor companies, and improve on strategy and market trends.


There are several trade fairs held in the U.S annually,  ranging over 10,000 of different company specialization like healthcare, food, and beverage, agriculture, automotive, construction, music, and boats. A trade fair is usually put together by different companies or a trade fair professional. The success of every trade fair highly depends on the time and effort put into it.

Even though this event seems fun and easy going while in attendance, a lot of work goes into the planning and execution of it. For a single person to be in charge of coordinating a lot of information of the course of several months,  can be daunting and exhausting. As a matter of fact, all it takes is a minor miscommunication and everything you have worked for will crumble.


As a business oriented individual you might excel at your job, however, this doesn’t guarantee you would steal the floor when it comes to showcasing your products and services. There are a lot of misconceptions about trade shows that has led to the flop of different trade shows for several reasons. However, keeping these in check will ensure you execute a successful trade show.


Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid as a trade show professional;


Lack Of Planning

One of the biggest mistakes a trade show professional can make is inadequate planning. Not only is this detrimental to the success of the event, but it will also tarnish the image of the trade show professional.

To execute a successful trade show, you need an action plan with set goals that should be completed months in advance.

Some of these goals could include; shipping in the needed equipment, promoting the show, and making adequate financial provisions. You also need a team of people you can trust to help execute said goals. This way you’re not overwhelmed with too much work.

This will also make it easier to brainstorm about creative ideas that would take the exhibition to the next level.


A Boring Display

This is the second factor to put into consideration during the process of planning a successful trade show. Like it or not, humans are more intrigued by attractive sites that have to do with color and peculiar setups and designs. A trade show is supposed to be filled with colorful and vibrant cutouts, as well as creative displays and performances of the message being conveyed to the public.

A boring display will get the crowd tired and unfocused from your message, which will end up defeating the point of the trade show. To achieve this kind of display, however, will cost a huge budget which you should be prepared for.


Lack Of Promotion

Prior to the advent of technology, promoting trade fair shows were a problem. This was one of the greatest factors that led to the failure of trade fairs across the country. However, with the presence of the internet and several social media platforms, promoting trade fairs can be done efficiently and easily. Everything in the world is digitalized now, which explains why nearly every individual is always on the phone most of the time. All you have to do is link it to your social media platform, and it will reach thousands of people in a minute.

Promoting a trade fair would not only help increase the percentage of attendance but directly increase the chances of an organization learning new strategies and making new partners.


Putting You First

One of the most important things every trade show professional should understand is that the event shouldn’t be about them. It should be about fulfilling the needs of potential clients and partners. The value of your products and services should be conveyed in an understandable manner to the audience.

Show the audience how investing in your business can make their bank accounts smile. Let them know why they should be a part of your brand. Tell them you can help them save half as much of what they normally save. Including this factor is essential for your trade show to thrive successfully. This is because most investors usually have one question in mind which is, “what’s in it for me?”.


Lack Of Follow Up

A number of organizations after spending all that money and time in putting together the best trade never bother to follow up. This is a very common mistake because most of the time, trade show professionals are focused on the success of the event. They end up forgetting that a feedback or call back is necessary as well which makes them lose several contacts of prospective partners and clients. This particular mistake ought to be tendered to during the planning stage.

Making adequate preparations for a follow up is essential for the complete success of a trade show.


Adequate planning and preparations are necessary for the success of any tradeshow. It is also necessary for one more reason, to outshine your competitors because they will utilize several methods to ensure they pack a crowd. It is therefore important to pay attention to detail, as it will enable you to tailor the best trade show event.



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