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Planning your custom stand

Our experience encompasses a lot of businesses sizes. Our team has been exhibiting the highest level of professionalism, having worked for small businesses, multinational firms, and marketing firms and creating projects that will fit the specific needs of clients each of the time.

When planning the design, we key into your organizational culture, keeping close communication with you, so that in the end, we deliver a custom display that’s amazing I’m its design.

Once we’ve gotten your approval of the plan, we step onto the next stage of production, deploying our team of well-experienced carpenters, painters, cabinet makers, graphics producers, metal workers and electricians to produce just the best design of stands that you’ve seen, better than the last we designed.

Buy or rent an exhibition stand or booth?

Whether you are renting or buying an exhibition stand, we are a sure bet to deliver quality and custom designed stand at a record time. Apart from renting, you can actually purchase your own stand at affordable prices. You are itching to have a stand of your own and you want all the information that is needed. Don’t worry, we are here for you. Just make an appointment with one of our representatives. Ask for an information package, it’s free and always available.

Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands

In this category of our product offerings, you are provided with a range of accessories and materials to help advance the look of your exhibition stand to make it more attractive, especially so that customers will notice your products.

These exhibition materials are designed to be usable with our exhibition stands or booths, although they can be used alone too.



Beautiful kiosk stands are a secret most marketers use to attract sales. Finding an endearing design increases sales. The impact it has on the sense of the customer at a glance makes it the best approach to increase sales by a reasonable percentage. With our kiosk offerings, you are guaranteed continuous attraction to your products on display.

Graphics & Signs

Graphics & Signs

Apart from all the other exhibition products that we offer, XPros ensure that we are there when you tell your success story, presenting your company, product and services in a way that’s visually dynamic. Our graphic designs position your business just in the right place for your customer to want your products and services. Our team is competent in producing the right graphics contents required to endear your products into the hearts of potential customers at first glance.

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